Boris Filanovsky's




We Can't Perform It (2006) 14 min

flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano

Commissioned by Da Capo Chamber Players

This is a music on music, or a music on performing music. Pianist, violinist and cellist try to perform some piece, but cannot succeed. These failures together with comments spoken by musicians form the score. All events and remarks are fully notated and require a rough teamplay. Flautist and clarinettist place themselves in a distance and seem to rule the rehearsal with a very limited set of formulas. This is also an illusion of interaction that musicians have to create. From time to time flute and clarinet freeze the piano trio, forcing it to play silently mechanical patterns. Towards the end the piano trio play a triple cadenza: violin and piano remember all they did before while cello ecstatically play the melody of Chopins Nocturne E-flat major (or another tune well known to the audience). The piece should be played in either performers or audiences mother tongue.

Premiere performance. Merkin Concert Hall, New York, March 7, 2006. Da Capo Chamber Players: Patricia Spencer, Meighan Stoops, David Bowlin, Andre Emelianoff, Blair McMillen (mp3, 16,9 MB)

score: please contact Verlag Neue Musik Berlin