Boris Filanovsky's




The Normal (2005) 18 min

voice, flute/bass flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, trombone, accordion, viola, cello

text: Vladimir Sorokin, Norma, parts 2 and 8

written for the project of The Pro Arte Foundation and Structural Resistance Group

Written for the project by the Pro Arte Foundation and Structural Resistance Composers Group Orthography. Text used by the autors permission.

Chapter Eight of Sorokins Norma mocks Soviet novel style. The piece, manifold by purpose, has nevertheless a clear and a bit static strophical form. Solo voice leads the editorial board reading the fragments of articles taken from the Chapter Two of Norma and ascending toward the paroxism of cadenza. Players discuss and resume soloists reports, also misbehaving and merging finally in a pseudo-classical chorus. The solo part comprises a wide range of vocal possibilities from inhalation multiphonics to sweet counter-tenorism, from Sprechstimme to cheap imitation of Buddhist temple singing.

Festival "Territory". October 8, 2008, Pavel Slobodkin Centre, Moscow. Author, Musica Aeterna Ensemble cond. by Teodor Currentzis (30,1 MB)

text, Russian only (.rtf)

score (.pdf, 666 KB)